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ComeSee4If your gallery or organization is interested in hosting my art, or if you would like to schedule a lecture, please contact me.

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From university auditoriums to national television programs, I’ve spent years tripping over microphone cords, podiums, and occasionally my own words. I connect with my audience using the most fundamental means of communication: storytelling. This keeps my lectures spontaneous and authentic. These are some of the titles I most enjoy presenting:

  • Less is More: Minimalism for Creative Minds.
  • The Green Photographer, or How to Not Destroy Your Subject.
  • A Brief History of Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing.
  • Megapixels, Myths, and Materialism.
  • Trial and Error: A Humorous Look at the Worst Equipment Ideas.
  • Don’t Try This at Home: A Decade of Lessons from Severe Weather Photojournalism.

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